Tuscany Automotive Offers Truck Packages Dedicated to the American Military

The Wayne Davis Auto Group, LLC has a long tradition of producing quality conversion vehicles through their numerous brands, including Tuscany and Regency. This tradition started with company owner Wayne Davis restoring and customizing classic American muscle cars in his hometown of Odessa, Texas in the early 1970s. Three decades later, Davis purchased Regency Conversions to innovate the company’s design expertise into the truck and van markets. When he sold the business in 2006, Regency was recognized as the largest volume up-fitter of vans, trucks and SUVs in the United States.

Four years later, the business was resurrected when Davis opened new production facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, where the company has resumed up-fitting trucks for Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, Nissan, Ram, Jeep and Toyota under the Regency Conversions name. Their most popular offerings to date since their re-launch are their Black Ops and MOAB conversion packages, geared towards truck buyers seeking high-performance trucks with a military look, feel and performance.

Nick Carter, National Sales Director says these trucks are a real game changer for the dealers as well as the retail customers. “It’s a unique offering that we have needed for several years that generates customers who can purchase a truck completely finished with a warranty to match the factory, as opposed to applying many of these features after the fact with either little or no warranty.

“What buyers will first notice with these trucks is their popular bold appearance with suspension upgrades and their ‘black out’ design, which is achieved with a variety of exterior equipment, and numerous exclusive parts, including blacked out wheels, hood scoops, fender vents, fender flares, three-step wheel to wheel black bars, a custom-tuned stainless steel exhaust with black tips, complemented with dark tinted windows.

This black out theme continues inside the vehicle with a carbon fiber interior package accented by hand-wrapped black leather seats with Black Ops embroidered seat patches that also match the exterior branding. “For truck enthusiasts who want the toughest exterior and meanest look on the market, there’s an E.B.A. option (Extreme Body Armor), a Kevlar coating that gives the truck a ‘one-of-a-kind’ textured look that is so tough, the coating binds to the factory paint and is backed with a lifetime warranty on fading, peeling and flaking,”
The extent of the up-fitting of the vehicles doesn’t end with looks. There are performance enhancements as well. These features include a six-inch suspension lift kit, heavy-duty shocks and beefy all-terrain tires, giving these trucks the ability to handle anything on the road or off-road as well. Signature performance accents such as red brake caliper dust covers are also available on some models.
Each truck brand has its own unique optional packages available, which include items like LED front and rear bumper lights or bull bar lights, black tonneau covers and bed rug liners, additional flag patch accents in the headrests, black powder-coated running boards with courtesy lights, premium bumper replacement kits, trim exchanges and an optional four-inch suspension lift.

“Not all options are available on all brands of truck, making the look and feel of each truck brand unique and more appealing to a wider range of truck buyers,” explained Carter. “The Black Ops conversion is available in a Chevrolet, Nissan, Ford or Ram truck with a Black Ops Elite up-fit available for Chevrolet and GMC trucks exclusively.”
Each version of these popular trucks is backed by a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. More information on standard and optional features for each truck can be found at www.tuscanyautomotive.com and www.regencyconversions.com, as well as information on how to become a Black Ops dealer.